I personally never liked Haytham Kenway. I don’t really know why, I just didn’t. It’s my personal opinion.
image from assassinforhire

so i have this headcanon that connor really loves pie…….. sobs

isn’t it lovely? <3 

I have it here at home since the 30th. of course. >v< but I stayed away from tumblr because of SPOILERS: D:

but yesteday I finished the game! (I want it to go on and on and oooon Q___Q)

(no, I won’t spoiler here. maybe in some other post. xD)

hdskhad it’s so awesome! jadshlads You can even take those tiny guns from Connors belt and his Hidden Blade aasdjkadsk it’s so detailed. I love this fucking thing to death sadskj but I have no place to put it QAQ



Mote Connor Colour by ~Maceonik

Connor - almost there… by ~RBF5247 That’s an actual costume folks by the ‘official’ Assassin’s Creed cosplayer!!! (see: Altair in Amsterdam). I’m gonna pass out once I see the final costume!!

Life well-spent is long.: 8 More Things Worth Knowing About Assassin’s Creed III



The first time I saw Assassin’s Creed III I spotted 50 interesting things in the game. I’ve seen it a couple more times recently and have learned a few more things. It helps to have the people who are leading the game nearby to point some of them out.



ssshhhhh k
ill be going now