my favourite altmal scene
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ASSASSIN'S CREED (I-IV) COLLEGE AU, give me your headcanons!!!! (and i'll give you mine if you're interested)


oh my god OH MY GOD OK (this could all be v wrong because i dont know a thing about american colleges)

  • altair is hella popular, mainly because he’s in all the sports teams 
  • he never does anything for college and he is still really really good but then he totally and completely fails his exams and has to repeat a year/semester/whatever so now he has to hang out with “like, 12 year old kids SERIOUSLY EZIO YOU DICK STOP LAUGHING IT’S NOT FUNNY”
  • malik is a secretary who is so tired of dealing with all this shit. especially that altair kid, how can a single person be so annoying??
  • maria is not impressed. she has a long-standing paper ball war going on with altair. nobody knows who started it. nobody cares (except those two who take it pathetically serious)
  • connor is such a sweetheart such a lil cutie everyone is in love with him. even the cleaners.
  • don’t mention professor lee around him. just don’t. shaun did that once and he still won’t talk about what happened.
  • talking about shaun: he, rebecca, lucy and desmond are totally a thing but nobody is really sure what’s going on there
  • if there is a weird flash mob or art installation or anything like that going on you can be pretty sure it was leo’s doing
  • professor haytham is kinda scary but aveline swears that she saw him chuckle when someone (adewale) put a note saying “notice me senpai” on prof. lee’s back
  • and seriously, how did he get that stuck-up, his dad is amazing
  • the old man once brought back some rum from his last vacation for everyone is his class. and he couldn’t care less if you don’t do your work. amazing
  • everyone remembers the day when mary/james asked anne out. xe arranged a whole show involving knives, fire, bunnies, and probably more blood than was strictly necessary
  • now they are definitely the college’s power couple. 

Stupid headcanon that these two hardly ever drink so they have really low tolerance.
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Do you and Des ever just cuddle?


Actually I`m not the cuddle type but Desmond has this…eeerm well… pathetic needs for nearness so sometimes I just hold still why he does his thing.

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So do you like being cuddled or do you just do it for des?


I just do it for the sake of peace. Because when I refuse it too often, he will just put out this eden apple thing and stun me with it…