Ezio - Fenmelur
Cristina - Me
Photographer - Freddy

Taken on Hanami Cosplayball in Ludwigshafen, Gemany last weekend

A Second Chance


this is my list of favourite ezio tags

  • italian sexpanther
  • ravioli ravioli you killed my familyoli
  • italiano biscotti
  • pasta primavera
  • molto bene on my pene
  • ey lasagna boy
  • muy bene pasta pasta
  • spicy risotto
  • hot chicken alfredo

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I never get tired of watching this

Phone call by *Hinoe-0

drabble # 3 Moonlight

Little drabble again.


Drabble #1 Bed

So this is my first drabble. it sucks though and I guess no one wants to read it ever.

Also it’s too long to count as a drabble.