I went to my parents for a visit and my dad agreed to pay for Sims 4 and I’m super excited and feel like an 14 years old on Christmas again ♥♥♥

I’m so horrible qq my gf’s throwing up bc of me because I sprayed way to much air refresher in the whole flat even if I knew she’s on shark week and can’t stand intense smells right now qq”“”“

okay this got somehow hella long but I got my kind of ooc fluff at the end. /D and now my arm hurts like hell and I will hate myself tomorrow for writing so much because my shoulder finally stopped hurting and now this. 

The sun is already up and it’s about 6 am. time for sleepy! <D ♥

fenmelur it’s in our rpg-forum uwu have fun reading or smth like that


I’m wrting angtsy fanfictions and listening to a playlsit that gives me feels and suddenly… 


and I’m like: WHY?! WHY IS THIS HEERE?

damn. How should I end this thing???! I didn’t meant to write something so dark and angsty… «

… this turned out rather different from what I expected…

okay, I wanted a cute, kind of fluffy Protocreed oneshot and now, while I’m writing and writing, Alex went all Psycho again, half of NY is destroyed and everyone is dieing. :d the usual, you know?

just hit my 155th. follower, meaning I got 4 new followers in jsut one day but still, no one ever talks to me, wether anon or not. 

okay, my gf and I were watching the 4. Harry Potter and the 4. Pirates of the Carribean movies and Disney Atlantis (and lots and lots of spongebob) And now the only thing I am drawing is Malik and Altair as fucking mermaids ahdhgaskj

arg, Dottie is always so short before dieing ;; even my new team member Sewaddle is stronger ;;

Sewaddle’s name is Odhran btw :D

oky, just started the nuzlocke challenge with Pokémon Black 2 :D

So far I got a Snivy, who’s name is Llinos and I got a Purrloin, her name is Kalyani <3