Have I already told you about that one time when my girlfriend and I played minecraft together on a server and one of the guys there asked us how long we already are a couple. Some people immediately told us that we couldn’t talk about “such things” on the server-wide chat because there could be children reading this. My gf and I got really pissed and we started arguing with them because they really thought that it was inappropriate for children to hear/read/know that you could be in a relationship with someone the same gender. We told them that because of thinking like this some people grow up and become homophobic but they still just told us that we would overreact and that we didn’t had a reason to feel offended. The only one that understood why we were upset was the guy who was talking to us before. After some time an admin interfered in the chat and muted us three for some time because we made a fuss and fought with others over nothing and we should really keep such conversations private because of the children who could’ve read it. I was so goddamn furious I think I never talked with other people on the server after that.

I went to my parents for a visit and my dad agreed to pay for Sims 4 and I’m super excited and feel like an 14 years old on Christmas again ♥♥♥

I’m so horrible qq my gf’s throwing up bc of me because I sprayed way to much air refresher in the whole flat even if I knew she’s on shark week and can’t stand intense smells right now qq”“”“

okay this got somehow hella long but I got my kind of ooc fluff at the end. /D and now my arm hurts like hell and I will hate myself tomorrow for writing so much because my shoulder finally stopped hurting and now this. 

The sun is already up and it’s about 6 am. time for sleepy! <D ♥

fenmelur it’s in our rpg-forum uwu have fun reading or smth like that


I’m wrting angtsy fanfictions and listening to a playlsit that gives me feels and suddenly… 


and I’m like: WHY?! WHY IS THIS HEERE?

damn. How should I end this thing???! I didn’t meant to write something so dark and angsty… «

… this turned out rather different from what I expected…

okay, I wanted a cute, kind of fluffy Protocreed oneshot and now, while I’m writing and writing, Alex went all Psycho again, half of NY is destroyed and everyone is dieing. :d the usual, you know?

just hit my 155th. follower, meaning I got 4 new followers in jsut one day but still, no one ever talks to me, wether anon or not. 

okay, my gf and I were watching the 4. Harry Potter and the 4. Pirates of the Carribean movies and Disney Atlantis (and lots and lots of spongebob) And now the only thing I am drawing is Malik and Altair as fucking mermaids ahdhgaskj

arg, Dottie is always so short before dieing ;; even my new team member Sewaddle is stronger ;;

Sewaddle’s name is Odhran btw :D