okay, my gf and I were watching the 4. Harry Potter and the 4. Pirates of the Carribean movies and Disney Atlantis (and lots and lots of spongebob) And now the only thing I am drawing is Malik and Altair as fucking mermaids ahdhgaskj

arg, Dottie is always so short before dieing ;; even my new team member Sewaddle is stronger ;;

Sewaddle’s name is Odhran btw :D

oky, just started the nuzlocke challenge with Pokémon Black 2 :D

So far I got a Snivy, who’s name is Llinos and I got a Purrloin, her name is Kalyani <3


It seems like on of my Aion accounts had just been hacked??!

I was playing with my Elyos Assassin when suddenly, a message popped up that I’ve been logged in twice qq

my main account has been hacked too, once ><

I changed password and pin immedeately I hope it’s okay now.. 


I have this one hairband fenmelur gave me as a gift bc she won’t wear it herself and it smells like all the things I love ♥

It smells like cinnamon and vanilla and chocolate and coffee and that’s awesome ♥

Guess what arrived in the mail today?

Media previewMedia preview

It’s my Desmond hoodie and it looks AMAZING ♥

I want to wear it everyday, all day long. ;v;

(Yes, you all wanted crappy selfies from my crappy phone. )

I’m super tired but I don’t want to go to sleep because if I do, I’ll be all alone. uu

I really hate it that none of my friends are living in the area…

because today I’m like: Aw yeah! Such a nice day! The sun is shining it’s kind of warm outside, I safed some money I could do something!

Oh wait… There’s no one I could go out with…

So.. Such a perfect day for video games!


fuck I wanted to write Fenmelur a fanfiction for christmas and now it IS christmas and I’m not done hajaddj (I can’t even find the pages where the first chapter is written on. sjadkas)

I’m going to bed now. <3 I have to get up tomorrow a bit more early! I will have to shower because I’ll see my girlfriend again ♥