Eric Saade x Alexander Rybak



New OTP.

Sexy Scandinavian Eurovision singers.


Everyone else go home.

Except Moldova, you guys had cool hats

((I think I liek you))

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I want someone to make a video where all the scenes in which Connor calls for Charles Lee are put together.






I am never going to get over the fact that this guy directed “Thor”.


Or the fact that he played Miguel in Road to El Dorado.




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You remember that job of mine?

you know, babysitting my two little cousins? Yeah. 

Today I came in sawing the smaller, 7 years old one with his best friend, playing playstation and tattooing some strange things on the back of some good looking, extremely muscular guy in only boxershorts…

and the older one, the 12 years old one has a friend over I never saw til today who looks like a 15 years old and looks pretty good for a 15 years looking one.. and I think I ship them. 8D


when i see porn in the Clannad tag i just cry

come on

srsly. what’s wrong with the kids these days?

I mean.. they are 7 and 6 years old and they play games like Assassin’s Creed and Battlefield. And everytime they talk, they swear… All like fuck, shit and asshol and stuff like that. They don’t want to go outside. All they do is fighting with each other, hitting each other, bitching at each other and oh, yeah.. sometimes playing soccer… 

When I was 7, I had an own treehouse and I was outside ALL THE TIME. I played a bit with my Game Boy in the evenings or I read a book before going to bed but all day long I was playing outside. when it was rainy, I was playing with my Legos or something and all the do is like.. arguing about minecraft, playing Playstation and they already have IPhones… what the fuck is wrong, srsly?? «”


The final pic will come when it’s getting dark :)